Women’s Center of Hope

At Steelbridge, we know that women are the heart of thriving communities. When women succeed, families succeed, businesses succeed and the community as a whole succeeds. Steelbridge is committed to ensuring that all women, regardless of background, have the opportunity to reach for their dreams.

Our Women’s Center of Hope has been an important part of the Albuquerque community for over 10 years and has helped women from all backgrounds gain the skills, healing and confidence to become leaders in their families and in the city. We want all women to understand their God-given worth and live in the promise that they are priceless; to their families, their communities and to their Creator. We have recently expanded our two-year recovery program to accommodate 26 women who live in beautifully designed dorms, at no cost. While with us, they receive counseling, education and job skills. But, most importantly, they begin to heal old wounds and realize their unlimited potential.

We will celebrate the value of women and those working on their behalf at our first annual women’s award breakfast called, “Priceless, Celebrating the Value of Women in our Community” on May 12th, at 7:30am at the Embassy Suites, with guest host, Erica Zucco. Business leaders, churches and nonprofits will come together to celebrate and honor the work being done by 12 awardees in New Mexico and learn how they can become involved in empowering and honoring women and girls.

Tables are complementary and can be reserved online at http://www.mysteelbridge.org/register-for-events

Nominations of both men and women working on behalf of women and girls are still being accepted as well. Nominate online at http://www.mysteelbridge.org/register-for-events

We look forward to celebrating the amazing work being done on behalf of the women and girls in our city! We hope that you will join us!

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