Waste Management Awards a $5,000 Grant to Galloping Grace Youth Ranch’s Food Recovery Program

A natural partnership for the ‘green-focused’ organizations.

Rio Rancho – Our country throws over 35 million tons of food into our landfills every year. Galloping Grace Youth Ranch’s (GGYR) Food Recovery Program is providing an alternative solution to this serious problem. Food waste, when disposed of in landfills, can produce large quantities of methane gas, which contributes to global warming as a greenhouse gas. GGYR works with local food sources to collect food that has begun to lose its freshness and can no longer be used for human consumption, or food waste from trimmings or cafeteria scraps. GGYR then feeds the collected food to the livestock on the ranch, diverting it from the local landfill. Food not consumed by GGYR’s livestock is composted and becomes part of their soil for crop cultivation. In 2015 alone, the Food Recovery Program diverted over 814,000 pounds of food waste from the local landfill, making it a natural fit with Waste Management; a company that partners with their customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy. The awarded $5,000 grant is a Waste Management Think Green® Grant. Think Green® Grants are part of the company’s commitment to encourage the development and sustainability of environmental solutions addressing needs in our local communities.

“The Waste Management support is important,” commented Max Wade – CEO and Co-Founder of GGYR. “We strive to educate others to think of food discards as a resource, not as a waste product and to consider the economic and environmental advantages of food recycling. In our business, that has everything to do with education and how our society can more sustainably produce food and reduce the food waste in our overflowing landfills, we don’t have a choice but to think more “green” and utilize innovative solutions such as our Food Recovery Program. The funds provided by Waste Management will allow us to continue to grow these efforts.”

Not only is GGYR’s Food Recovery Program an environmentally-friendly food source for GGYR’s livestock, but it also helps to feed hungry people in one of the most food insecure states. When the livestock/food produced at the ranch is ready to be processed for consumption, GGYR donates a sizeable portion of that food to local hunger-relief organizations. At the beginning of August, GGYR donated 1,600 pounds of healthy protein in the form of packaged pork to the Roadrunner Food Bank.

Galloping Grace Youth Ranch offers and promotes programs that educate children about leadership, agriculture and community. We provide children and their families with a unique opportunity to interact with a local, sustainable, working ranch which focuses its efforts on enhancing agricultural education, improving the environment and encouraging charitable giving. Our Mission is Bringing PURE JOY to Children by creating a place where kids lead kids while raising livestock, growing crops, exploring the outdoors and enriching the community. We cultivate healthy kids today, so they can harvest a healthy society tomorrow.

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