Volunteers Needed

Do you enjoy reading and discussing literature?

Volunteer to spend one hour a week in a book club-style literature circle with five 10th or 11th graders discussing a novel. You can model a love of reading, critical thinking, and discussion skills. All you have to do is complete the reading for the week and come with questions and insights about the novel.

“The beauty of the Lit Circle program is that we can come together to share insights, discuss ideas, ideals, and have fun. I look at these kids differently than I did when I first walked in the classroom. I see their depth, passion, and enthusiasm and I also see their youth, innocence and (sometimes) folly. Hopefully, when they see me they see that there is more to being an adult than wearing a suit and going to work five days a week. Hopefully.”
—George Weir, volunteer ‘06-’13

Literature circles begin in August

Contact Christina Herrera Furst
CHFurst @abhs.k12.nm.us

Amy Biehl High School (4th and Gold downtown)
Times available:

Tuesdays from 11:00-11:55
Wednesdays from 11:00-11:55
Thursdays from 12:40-1:40

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