The Catalyst Idea Dinner

catalystJoin us the evening of February 12th for a dinner to mix ideas from influencers and leaders around the region. We will provide food, drinks, music, and research about the many opportunities and challenges for our community. Chat with new contacts and old friends to discover the huge variety of initiatives bubbling up around town.

All proceeds will go to making the next Catalyst Week free for the businesses that join us in the end of February at the South Valley Economic Development Center.

Catalyst Week seeks to spread good ideas and processes throughout our community. We combine the insights of human-centered design, lean manufacturing, and modern behavioral psychology to provide tools and techniques for broadly useful skills like strategic planning, goal setting, habit formation, and validated learning. We believe that everyone from established business people to entrepreneurs and employees can benefit from a better understanding of these approaches.

Motivation: What is the vision, the grand strategy? Are we the right ones to do this? What problem are we solving (for ourselves, for this business, for the world)?
Ideation: How might we address this problem? How can we later verify that our solution works?
Implementation: How quickly can we build a solution on a small scale, so we can learn more about the problem?
Validation: Is this solution fit for use and fit for purpose? Is it advancing our original strategy?
Growth: How do we get the most out of this idea/project/business? How do we scale it further?

We are following this process even in the development of the Catalyst Week program itself. Last month, we had a Pinball tournament with Rio Rancho startup Mezel Mods to motivate the community and show them an example of a fun startup led by entrepreneurs with a passion. This month, we will gather together to brainstorm ideas that might benefit our community at our dinner. Next month, we will help local organizations utilize our tools, implementing our ideas in the real world in a small way. After that, we will review our performance indicators and determine how to improve upon our offerings and help more people understand these ideas.

Last year, we gathered up about a dozen local startups to work on their ideas together with intense focus. Many of the participants found the program quite valuable and learned where they need to focus their efforts to move forward without wasting effort. This includes exciting new local organizations like SheSpireBabiergeHermes Development, Buckledown Systems, and Equiseq.

Help us spread ideas and tools to make more projects like this possible.  Together we can make the Rio Grande Valley a magnet for research, innovation, and capital.  Join us for dinner on February 12th by purchasing tickets at

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