Teenager Gives Back to Homeless Centers that Helped Him

Good Samaritan: Donovan Smith

IMG_0180Last week, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized 13 year old Donovan Smith, an Albuquerque teenager for his selfless endeavors to help those effected by homelessness as he once was.

Smith has proved to be a young entrepreneur with a big heart. After having been homeless himself, he recognized the significant need that homeless individuals experience for items others see as basic necessities.

Over the past 2 years, Smith has worked tirelessly to make an impact anyway he could. Taking upon himself to raise money to donate back to the organization, Supportive Housing Coalition of NM, that helped he and his mother, naval veteran Casey Smith, Smith decided to make his efforts more specialized.

In 2014, Smith made and donated over 300 soaps to the Albuquerque Stand Down to support homeless veterans. Last year he grew his effort significantly by supporting St. Martin’s Hospitality Center by donating 185 Mylar blankets, 432 toothbrushes, 480 combs and cases of diapers & feminine hygiene products.

This year, Smith has decided to take on his biggest undertaking yet, Sponsoring St. Martin’s Shower room and making and donating 600 soaps monthly which would come to 7,200 bars of soap this year.  Due to his incredible work ethic, he carves out time each day to sit down and make these soaps himself. Being only 4 months into the year, he has donated 3,100 soap bars, which is nearly half of what his year’s goal was. Of that, he has handmade 2,800 himself and the other 300 were donated by fellow soap makers from Virginia, Illinois, and California who heard of his mission and felt compelled to help.

Donovan Smith’s work ethic and heart of gold to help those that have experienced the hard times he knows all too well is what has earned him the City of Albuquerque’s Good Samaritan award.



Donovan was recently awarded the national Good Deed Award by the American Legion Auxiliary for his community work. He is also being profiled this week online by People Magazine and was selected for a role in the upcoming Independence Day Resurgence movie that was filmed in New Mexico last summer.

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