Who is “South Valley Man?”

SVM_EVENT 2015This Valentine’s Day South Valley residents and friends are celebrating the second annual South Valley Love event by sharing examples of South Valley men that contradict the negative stereotypes that prevail in Albuquerque’s local media about the area’s residents. This year’s celebration will honor the loving, talented, brilliant men who make a positive difference in the lives of their friends, spouses, children, parents, and neighbors every day in the South Valley at Gateway park, Saturday February 14th from 11:30 to 2pm. The event will include the Street Food Institute food truck offering delicious lunch, live music, a mini-farmers market, public arts exhibit and arts and crafts.

This movement emerged from a Facebook profile called “South Valley Man” that cropped up and has been gaining followers fast over the last year. The profile was created by South Valley community members in response to an Albuquerque Journal article that opened up by drawing attention to the frequent misconceptions about the “South Valley Man”. These misconceptions included getting stabbed, arrested for drugs, going to jail, even getting killed—The South Valley Man is often portrayed as constantly caught up in violence and criminal behavior. This long-term ‘Who is South Valley Man?’ campaign seeks to share the stories of great South Valley Men with all of Albuquerque, and flip that stereotype on its head.

Numerous community organizations are joining the South Valley Man to host an event this Valentines day that celebrates the great men in the South Valley community. Key organizations include the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation, Valle Encantado, The Partnership for Community Action, Encuentro NM and others.

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