Molina Healthcare Social Media Challenge

Group photoThe Community Champions program celebrates the vision of Dr. C. David Molina, the founder of Molina Healthcare, as well as community partners who work together to care for society’s most vulnerable individuals. Pat Marshall was one of six  honored this year, in New Mexico, and gave  her grant to Mesilla Valley Hospice in Las Cruces.

Pat Marshall is 92 years old and has donated, in a 22 year span, over 10,000 hours to Mesilla Valley Hospice.  She volunteers at least 16 hours each week, serving the Hospice center and its families.

Pat Marshall readingBecause of her dedication to the community, Pat is selected to represent New Mexico for our Social Media Challenge to raise additional funds to benefit the Mesilla Valley Hospice.

The Molina Healthcare Social Media Challenge is as follows:

  • This year, we are one of five champions across the country given the opportunity to win additional funds for the nonprofit organization of their choice. We are competing with: South Carolina, Indiana, Washington and Texas.
  • Molina Healthcare will post one of the five winners on the Molina Healthcare Facebook page every day starting Monday, December 14th thru December 18th.
  • Each “like” and “share” within a 24-hour period on the post will earn the nominee $1 to donate to the nonprofit organization of his/her choice (max of $2,500 per winner).
  • Pat Marshall’s date to raise money on Facebook will be on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015. It starts at midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow.

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