Social Giving Club Grants $25,000

img_8392In its inaugural year, the Social Giving Club through the Albuquerque Community Foundation granted Cultivating Coders $25,000 to provide more teens access to a program that trains them to code computer languages.   The Social Giving Club was started at the beginning of 2016 to provide a fun network of individuals that want to combine their giving power to benefit New Mexico nonprofits.

Last night members of the Social Giving Club listened to proposals from four organizations and voted to award a $25,000 grant to Cultivating Coders.  Here’s how the Social Giving club works:  A membership to the Social Giving Club is $1,000 annually.  The first $500 of the contribution goes into an endowed fund to support future grantmaking.  The other $500 is pooled together with all members of the Social Giving Club to identify an organization to support with a grant of $25,000.

Cultivating Coders provides a formal mobile training program for high school students that trains teens in development, programming and web build-out. Its “Intro to Coding” Workshop is an 8-week intensive training workshop in web application development.  Cultivating Coders was created after founder Charles Ashley III saw that the vast majority of his STEM college courses lacked any sort of diversity. Cultivating Coders won the best “Start Up Pitch” contest at last year’s South by Southwest innovation conference in Texas.

Started this year, the Social Giving Club at the Albuquerque Community Foundation currently has grown to 51 members but is hoping to continue to grow in 2017 to allow them to provide additional grants to more organizations.

“Our goal is to create a social activity that people enjoy being involved in that also combines their giving power to provide a local nonprofit a substantial impact grant,” said Kelli Cooper, Vice President of Philanthropic Services.  “Additionally, half of each person’s donation will endow a fund for grant making in the future. The Social Giving Club allows people to make a greater impact as a group than they may ever be able to do as an individual.”

The Social Giving Club meets four times a year offering members a fun, social gathering with an important purpose.  Those interested in participating in the Social Giving Club can contact the Albuquerque Community Foundation at 505-883-6240.

The Albuquerque Community Foundation administers a permanent community endowment comprised of many gifts, large and small, and uses the earning from that endowment to make grants to other nonprofit organizations.  Since its establishment in 1981, total grant distributions are nearly $48 million and more than 7,000 grants funded for nonprofit organizations serving the greater Albuquerque area.


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