SHARE New Mexico

ShareSHARE New Mexico is an easy-to-use and customizable statewide website, which consolidates public and private sector information about a wide range of issues which impact the quality of life of New Mexicans.

History of SHARE New Mexico

Envisioned by leaders from PNM, United Way of Central New Mexico, and the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at UNM, SHARE New Mexico was created to provide a platform for sharing information and data in New Mexico.

Major philanthropic and private institutions have committed funding for SHARE New Mexico, which will be utilized to build and sustain the website to ensure it is a valuable and reliable resource.

Why is SHARE New Mexico Needed?

With growing social needs and reduced funding, New Mexico’s nonprofit and governmental organizations are asked to do more with less.

Organizations need to collaborate, to develop evidence-based programs, and to be more accountable. We must work smarter by making better use of information.

Policy makers, funders and service providers do not have the time to find, manage and evaluate the information available in thousands of valuable websites and databases.

Funders of SHARE New Mexico

SHARE New Mexico is funded by the Albuquerque Community Foundation, Bank of America, Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, CNM Foundation, Con Alma HEALTH Foundation, Kilmer Kilmer Marshall Duran Brand Builders, McCune Charitable Foundation, PNM, PNM Resources Foundation, Sandia National Labs/Lockheed Martin Corporation, Santa Fe Community Foundation, United Way of Central New Mexico, Wells Fargo, and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

SHARE New Mexico Partners

SHARE New Mexico has been able to establish a broad network of organizations that share our goal of effecting social change. We believe that a close and mutually beneficial collaboration with allied organizations throughout the state is critical to our long-term goal of improving quality of life of New Mexicans.

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