Providing a More Stable Home

Kaleigh and her young son had been moving from apartment to apartment for years, having to find a new place she could afford every time her rent went up.

The year her son turned eight, she became pregnant with her second child. She made a decision that it was time to stop moving around and set out to provide a more stable home for her growing family. Kaleigh remembered growing up
with a nice big yard and having lots of places to play, and she wanted to give those same great childhood memories to her own kids. She recently started a better paying job in the Early Childhood Education center at Santa Fe Community College and was able to start saving some money and paying off debt. She was in a stable relationship, had a new baby on the way, and felt the time was right to take the first step toward homeownership.

Kaleigh came to Homewise on the advice of a friend who recently purchased a home. She knew she had some work to do on her financial situation before she would be ready to buy a home, and her friend told her Homewise could help.

Kaleigh met Nancy, her Homewise Home Purchase Advisor, and together they developed a financial action plan to address Kaleigh’s major challenge, her credit score. Kaleigh worked hard and stayed committed to her plan for two years. She credits Nancy for always being there to support her and help keep her on track as her credit slowly improved. Though at times she was tempted to use her newly improved credit to make other purchases, Nancy was always there to remind her of her long-term goal and how important it was to her to have a stable place to call home. Kaleigh beams with pride when she reports that, “Thanks to Nancy, now my credit is really good!”

Kaleigh says that the day she closed on her home was a very emotional and surreal experience for her. “It’s hard for me to find the words to describe it, and I sometimes still have to stop and remind myself that this home is mine and doesn’t belong to anyone else.” Kaleigh’s favorite part of being a homeowner has been making her home truly belong to her and her kids. “My son and I were so excited to finally get to paint his room and set it up just the way he wanted. It’s great to not have all the limitations on how we can decorate and make ourselves feel truly at home,” she says.

To Kaleigh, having a home of her own means a comfortable place where her family can be safe, stable, and grow up together. “I feel very accomplished that I could push myself to achieve this goal that I once believed was impossible.” Her advice for anyone else who might be thinking of owning a home is simple, “Go to Homewise. They can help you get the home of your dreams and make it a stress-free and happy experience.”

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