New Project for Downtown ABQ

FusionAs per unanimous board decision, FUSION closed on the properties located at 700-708 1st St NW (The FUSION Forum).


The event was held at the Fidelity National Title Company, and pictured are Richard Davis of Fidelity, Dennis Gromalski, FUSION Executive Director, and Alan Vincioni of 1st St. Properties, LLC, FUSION’s longtime landlord.


Undoubtedly, this is a natural and organic expansion of FUSION’s mission, one that the program is well-prepared to embrace.  It is also a game-changer for the arts in the Albuquerque community, and specifically for the rapidly emerging Downtown Arts & Cultural District.


This transaction and how it came to be is a prime example of responsible governance, homegrown commerce, and is indicative of the organization’s commitment to the Albuquerque community.


This ownership will be a tool for us to impact even greater numbers of organizations and individuals in our community. Stay tuned for the amazing project to come!



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