New Campaign to Help End Homelessness

The City of Albuquerque continues to try to get a handle on the panhandling problem.

On Monday, the mayor rolled out the “There’s a Better Way” van. It’s the second phase of the campaign that started back in May.

That’s when the city posted signs urging people to donate money to a program that helps the homeless instead of giving them cash. We’re told the city has put up a total of 33 signs and the program has collected more than $1,600 so far.

The new van will take people in need to job sites to work for money instead of relying on handouts.

“Sometimes the best thing for certain individuals is just to have an opportunity to go out and make an honest wage for the day,” said Mayor R.J. Berry.

A driver from St. Martin’s will check out popular panhandling spots and look for homeless who are willing to work.

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