Launch a Large-Scale Urban Tech-Art Initiative

watc-logo-webLocal Techies, Artists and The City of Albuquerque Collaborate to Launch a Large-Scale Urban Tech-Art Initiative

You know that building where nothing ever seems to be happening? The empty shell that looms over your Downtown Albuquerque lunch, commute, or night out? We Are This City knows it, too, and has decided to do something awesome about it.

Starting tomorrow September 1st, anyone can come and bear witness to the next level of cool in the making as We Are This City partners with local artists to renew currently abandoned spaces in Downtown Albuquerque with cutting edge arts and technology. We Are This City is a tech-art initiative aimed at leveraging Albuquerque’s thriving local arts scene to beautify dormant spaces, bringing people from all walks of life in Albuquerque together to show the world a side of the Duke City it’s never seen.

Just what are we making? “To put it plainly, we’re looking to Make Awesome” said We Are This City founder, Max Baptiste. “We Are This City’s September initiative is going to bring large-scale art, 3D art installations, game competitions, movies, augmented reality, and projection mapping together in the middle of Downtown Albuquerque, starting with the Rosenwald Building at Old Route 66 and New Route 66.” The Initiative will feature 10,000 square feet or more of art installations from local artists, with support from local schools and other art programs.

Who’s on board? On the arts side, We Are This City is pulling in contributions from Sam Flores, James Black, El Moises, Warren Montoya, CloudFace, Reuben Cantu, Faustino Villa, and many more. The manifesto for the Initiative – available at our website – was written by Albuquerque’s own Hakim Bellamy, and there’s a whole host of other Albuquerque creative luminaries that have our back.

We couldn’t do this alone, of course. We Are This City is seeing generous support from the office of Mayor Richard Berry, as well as the Office of Economic Development, the Cultural Services Department, the Public Art Program, and the Albuquerque and New Mexico Film Offices.

Other partners include Southwest Capital Bank, the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation, 111 Media Collective, Warehouse 508, Amy Biehl High School, 505 FACES, The Invention Lab, 24 Hours of Art, and CiQlovia.

It all kicks off on September 1st, when We Are This City launches its Albuquerque Initiative with the Rosenwald Building. Come watch art in action as the area’s best creatives renew and revitalize forgotten bits of town. Come, be a part, and make this city your own because We Are This City.

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