Kit Carson Elementary School Kindness Campaign

abq-kindnessThe “Magnificent Fives”, one of Kit Carson Elementary School’s Fifth Grade classes, sponsored a school wide Kindness Campaign for nine days.  The Magnificent Fives worked with their teacher, Ms. Tarango, and counselor, Ms. Randolph, to track and document 1,032 acts of kindness in the classroom.  This was specifically a youth-driven project to join the Mayor of the City of Albuquerque’s Kindness Initiative whose goal is 100,000,000 acts of kindness.

The Magnificent 5’s presented the system of tracking the acts of kindness in 22 classrooms.  In each classroom, four kindness scouts and the teacher were responsible to observe students being kind.  A poster with a list of ten acts of kindness was posted in every class.  Upon observing a student demonstrating an act of kindness, the kindness scouts or teacher wrote the number of the act of kindness on a ticket and handed it to that student, who then wrote their name on the ticket and added it to the collection box.  The Magnificent 5’s collected the tickets and tallied the results. The first week, 632 tickets were earned!!  The second week consisted of only three and one half days, in which 400 more acts of kindness were earned.  Many acts of kindness were tracked, indicating tremendous participation by the Kit Carson Eagles.  Awesome!!

The Magnificent 5’s also made posters with Kindness messages and put them up around the school, and also made daily announcements about Kindness.  They put together a “Wall of Kindness” that contained all the tickets earned.

The Magnificent 5’s gained leadership and team building skills, served as role models, and they incorporated math, research, and public speaking in this worthwhile activity.

The Magnificent 5’s decided not to give prizes to classes or individuals; however, the total number of acts of kindness will be announced. They believe an act of kindness comes from the heart and should happen every day of year.  They decided to leave it up to each class and teacher to determine how to recognize the students for their acts of kindness.

The final message to all:  “Go forward and SPREAD kindness every day”!!

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