Kindness Can Be Found Anywhere

abq-kindnessSo much in the news is contentious or negative, a walk along one of Albuquerque’s miles of ditch banks can do much to restore one’s appreciation of the humanity of Albuquerque residents. Even a brief walk shows simple, thoughtful, anonymous things that people have done to make others’ walks more pleasant.

-Someone painted rocks that are firmly fixed in the dirt path and protruding ominously, a bright orange so that others would not trip on them
-Attached to a fence is a large bag of plastic bags and a larger sack to receive dog poop bags and this is regularly maintained
-A solid wood fence has a wire grid window near the bottom so that the resident dog can see who is walking near his property and can be calmed by greetings from them
-A small note posted on a fence points to a little free library a few paces away
-Another note invites passersby to takes apples that have fallen onto the path – gratis
-An arrow is scratched into the dirt to point to the tree where a hawk has built a nest
-A neighbor has taken photo portraits of dogs whose owners walk them on the ditch and made a calendar of the photos
-Most dogs are leashed
-Some walkers sing
-Most walkers greet each other

A network of irrigation ditches creates a network of kindness.

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