Homewise Success Story

headshotElizabeth Ramirez-Valdez’s story, like many, underscores the need for education and assistance when buying a home.

Elizabeth and her husband purchased their home through Homewise in Santa Fe, NM. Santa Fe is one of the hardest markets for first-time homebuyers to break into. The list price for a home is $343,000, averaging about $151 per square foot.

Elizabeth’s family immigrated to the United States 21 years ago. Her family struggled to learn a new language and adjust to a new country. The whole family worked hard to make ends meet. Their efforts paid off.

Elizabeth became an American citizen, went to college and achieved her dream of homeownership. “Saving up a down payment and getting financing seemed impossible to us,” she explained. “We struggled and worked very hard to overcome the obstacles we had to face along the way. It wouldn’t have been possible if Homewise wasn’t there to help with the whole process.”

Homewise offered financial classes and downpayment assistance, which helped the family qualify for a mortgage. She says, “Now that we are homeowners, we can be proud because all of our hard work will go into an investment for our future. I will not be paying off someone else’s house, nor will I make others wealthier while renting. I’m buying the house
for my family.”

Elizabeth is happy now that she and her family have a safe place to live—something she didn’t experience when renting a mobile home space.

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