Major Funders Band Together to Ease Grant Application Process for Local Nonprofits

Major Funders Band Together to Ease Grant Application Process for Local Nonprofits

First-Of-Its-Kind Program Assists Nonprofits

Albuquerque, NM – Eight of the community’s largest funders have banded together to create an easy-to-use online common application that will improve the grant application system for New Mexico nonprofits. The new process is unique to New Mexico and its ability to prefill grant application forms is innovative to the nonprofit industry.

NotebooksThe funders’ priority was to simplify the grant application to reduce the amount of time involved for nonprofit applicants. General information required by all funders will only have to be filled in or updated annually at the site. Nonprofits will also be able to securely upload frequently requested documents such as the IRS 990 form, an organization’s last audit report or current financial statements for use with grant applications. Funders will have the ability to customize questions for each grant application through the online common application and will have the ability to view proposals online.

Additionally, a calendar for all grant cycles is featured on the Grantmaking page, located on the SHARE New Mexico website.

The new online application system is a collaboration between:

  • Albuquerque Community Foundation
  • Intel Corporation
  • McCune Charitable Foundation
  • Nusenda Foundation
  • PNM
  • PNM Resources Foundation
  • Sandia Foundation
  • United Way of Central New Mexico

“This online common application will not only make it easier for nonprofits submitting applications for grants, it will also provide a common location for funders to post grant programs which will benefit both funders and nonprofits,” said Diane Harrison Ogawa, Executive Director of the PNM Resources Foundation, one of the funders working on the new process. “This new online common application represents a new consolidated effort to ease the paperwork burden for nonprofits and increase the number of nonprofits applying for the grants available for tackling a wide variety of social, financial and economic issues throughout New Mexico. The new online common application process brings innovation to what has been a labor intensive process for nonprofits seeking grants.”
These efforts are also expected to improve funders’ grantmaking and provide better transparency of their efforts. The exciting initiative will ease the paperwork burden on nonprofits applying for grants, create a centralized location for funders to post Request for Proposals (RFPs) and is expected to increase the number of grant applications.

Other funders are welcome to participate in the site and are encouraged to contact: Sandy Mwei at the Albuquerque Community Foundation, Nonprofits should go to and visit the Resource Directory and update their organizational profile to ensure that their information will be accurate when the new online common application is launched.

For more information on about the Online Common Application please visit


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