Goodwill® Works to Assist New Mexicans with Brain Injuries

gwnmEvery year nearly 10,000 of our state’s residents are impacted by a brain injury … that’s more than 27 New Mexicans each day that have their lives severely or permanently altered because of a brain injury.  While these numbers are staggering, there is help available through Goodwill Industries of New Mexico for individuals who have an acquired or traumatic brain injury.

Business Team“Goodwill is one of the few organizations in the state that even addresses brain injury case management,” said Shauna, O’Cleireachain, Chief Administrative Officer at Goodwill Industries of New Mexico. “We also have the only program that is supported by the Brain Injury Services Fund through the State of New Mexico.”

Brain injuries can occur in a number of ways. However, the most common causes of brain injuries are: Strokes, brain tumors, car accidents, assaults and falls. Because brain injuries occur so frequently in New Mexico, Goodwill’s Brain Injury Case Management (BI) program is designed to be short-term and crisis-related to help those most at need for immediate assistance.  Case managers are able to provide assistance with the following:

  • Initial housing costs
  • Environmental modifications
  • Retrofitting an automobile
  • Setting up homemaker services
  • Arranging for transportation to medical care
  • Prescription medications
  • Life skills coaching
  • Service coordination
  • Referrals
  • Therapy services

As a local nonprofit organization, Goodwill offers the BI program free of charge to New Mexicans who qualify.  The program is funded primarily through the state’s Brain Injury Services Fund but is also supplemented through sales revenue generated in Goodwill’s 14 thrift stores across the state.

“Brain injuries are a hidden epidemic … you and your family members may not even realize that a brain injury exists. If you, or someone you know, thinks you may have a brain injury, we urge you to contact Goodwill to see if we can help,” O’Cleireachain said.

The BI program is offered in all 33 counties of New Mexico and is accepting applications for service. To apply for free services or learn more about Goodwill, visit

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