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img_7932_pp-editedWe have all heard a tragic story of child losing their life because they were accidentally forgotten in a hot car. It is an unimaginable accident that many parents believe would never happen to them. Unfortunately, it can and does happen all to often. On average, 40 children every year die from being accidentally left in a hot car. From 1998- current 700 children have died from this type of accident according to No When Albuquerque native, Alissa Chavez was 14 years old she heard one too many of these heartbreaking stories and knew that something had to be done. For her science fair that year, Alissa developed an invention called Hot Seat. Hot Seat is an alarm system that prevents children from being accidentally left in a hot car. “Hot Seat is very user friendly and can be used in any car seat. The Hot Seat sensor is placed under the padding of the car seat. It then connects via Bluetooth to the Hot Seat app on the caregivers cell phone. If a child is in the car seat and the cell phone is about 15 feet away from the vehicle, an alarm on the phone will sound. Notifying you that a child is still in the car.” Alissa explains Hot Seat. Alissa won her science fair that year and she knew that she wanted to turn this idea into an actual product.
Alissa was raised by her single mother who owns a home childcare business. “Kids have always been a huge part of my life. Hearing these stories was so terrible and I knew that there had to be a way to prevent this from happening to anymore children,” Alissa says. That year she patented Hot Seat and began working to prototype her invention. As many entrepreneurs know and many others can imagine, prototyping an idea and bringing it to the market is no small task. Taking that on as a teenager made the journey even more difficult but, that didn’t stop Alissa. “I met with so many different companies that build prototypes and talked with so many engineers. Each time, the price of building a prototype was upwards of $20,000. I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to afford that but, I knew it was key piece in moving forward,” Alissa says about prototyping her invention. In 2014, Alissa was recognized by Mayor Richard Berry and given a “Good Samaritan” award for her invention. “That day opened so many doors for me and for Hot Seat, it changed my life,” Alissa says about receiving her “Good Samaritan” award. At that time she started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build a prototype. “I had heard of crowdfunding but, never thought it would work for me.” Much to Alissa’s surprise, hundreds of people from Albuquerque to Australia contributed to her campaign. In just under 2 weeks her campaign had surpassed her original goal by nearly four times the amount. “I am still amazed that so many people contributed to my campaign! They all helped to make my dream a reality and I will always be grateful for them,” Alissa says about her contributors.
dad-using-hot-seat-alarm-systemAlissa began receiving national and international media attention for her product. She was asked to demonstrate her product on several news outlets including The Today Show, Ryan Seacrest Radio Show, Fox and Friends, The Weather Channel with Sam Champion, ABC News, and NBC. She was also featured in the Huffington Post, Washington Post and USA Today. Since 2014, Alissa has also won several awards for Hot Seat. She was named one of Glamour Magazines Women of the Year: Tech Heroes and Glamour Magazine Women of the Year: Hometown Heroes, and Teen Business Top 20. At just 17 years old, Alissa had already built quite an impressive resume. While sharing her invention with media stations around the world she also began work on the prototypes of Hot Seat. “When I finished my crowdfunding campaign, I started to look for the right team to work with me to develop my product. I wanted a team that shared my passion for my idea as well as had the experience and knowledge that would allow us to create a product that I am proud of,” Alissa says of finding the right team to work with. Once she created her team, they began working on the first prototypes of Hot Seat. “We built about 5 prototypes of Hot Seat before we were happy with the design and function of it. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun to see my idea come to life!” Alissa says about the prototype process.
On December 9, 2016, at a press conference with Mayor Berry, Alissa announced that Hot Seat is available for purchase on her website “I could have never imagined everything that would happen in the last two years and I am grateful for every opportunity I have had. I always knew that I wanted Hot Seat to come to the market because I know it solves a problem that impacts so many people every year and for it to become a reality is just surreal!” Alissa Hopes that with Hot Seat on the market no more children will become victim to such a terrible and preventable tragedy. ” I have heard so many times, ‘I would never forget my child’ but, in reality nobody is exempt. We are all human and we all make mistakes. I think protecting their children is every parents main concern and sometimes protecting their children means admitting that we all make mistakes. Hot Seat is a way that parents can protect their kids from an accident that has already happened to too many times, because even one more child is one child too many.”  Hot Seat is available for purchase at

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