ASSE International Student Exchange Program

ASSE International Student Exchange Program is a non-profit organization that is seeking host families in your area. We have several scholarship students that are waiting to be selected by a host family. 

All of our students come with their own spending money and insurance. We ask our host families to provide a comfortable bed (they can share a bedroom with a same gender sibling) a quiet place to study, and 3 meals a day.  Also the host family would treat the student as a member of the family so they can experience a real American family life – chores and all!

Host families can be ANY family that wants to open their home to a student. Single parents, retired couples, same sex couples, etc. – the only other requirement is that English be spoken in the home so the student can improve their English speaking skills. (All of our students are tested and must be able to speak some English)

I can be reached at 970-267-9170 for any additional questions, and feel free to check out our website at:

Host Family application

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