Albuquerque, A Rising Star in the Global Creative Economy


Join Creative Startups, the organization has picked up steam as the Creative Economy continues to explode. The organization is currently searching for potential applicants for their startup accelerator program.

Great applicants are creative founders looking for mentoring, financing, and support as they grow their creative company.  They might be working in any of the creative industries – design, digital arts/media, film, animation, virtual reality, performance and theatre, online arts platforms, or other creative fields.

The accelerator program for startups in creative fields is now in it’s third year. With a grant from the a Kauffman Foundation grant, the program has been able to analyze their impact. Here are some quick numbers:

  • 80% of graduating companies are in operation 12 moths after the program. Conversely, only 20% of startups that didn’t get accepted are surviving 12 months later.
  • Average funds raised by graduates = $152,000.
  • Founders receive on average 70+ hoursof 1:1 mentoring from our 60+ mentors.
  • Unlike most accelerators, 80%of startups in the program are founded by women or minorities!
  • Startups have created over 54full time/65 part time jobs.

Creative Startups passion is to help creative founders take their startups to the next level. Learn more about Creative Startups here!

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