A ‘Forever Home’ for a Family of Six

Alex and Kristine bought their first home through Homewise in January of 2015. Shortly after moving in, they were surprised to find out that they had their fourth child on the way. They both knew that it would be difficult to raise a family of six in an 1,100 s.f. 3-bedroom home.

After coming home from their baby shower, they quickly realized that they needed more room when they didn’t have space to put everything away. There wasn’t much time to figure it out before the baby came, so for a short time their older daughter had to share her room with the new baby.

After improvising for six months, Alex and Kristine decided it was time to find a bigger home. They returned to Homewise because of the great experience they had buying their first home. They were happy to learn about the extra benefits of working with Homewise to both sell their current home and buy their next home. The benefits they were most excited about were the 1% reduction in realtor fees and the opportunity to sell to another Homewise client. Alex and Kristine remembered how special it felt when they first moved into their home after working so hard to achieve their goal; they looked forward to helping provide that same experience to another well deserving family.

Though they didn’t need to work on building their credit this go around, income and affordability were going to present some challenges in making that next step to a larger home. They were concerned that finding a homein Santa Fe with the space they needed was going to be tough. Kristine had a list of desired features she wanted in a new home, and was worried she would have to settle for something less in order to get more space. They also thought that they may need to look at homes outside of Santa Fe — potentially adding a long commute to their day — to find the right home at
a price they could afford.

Within weeks of starting the search, however, their Homewise Realtor, Miksy, called about a home in Santa Fe she felt would be a perfect fit: a newly built affordable home in the Homewise Homes community of Tessera! With four bedrooms, two baths, a separate dining area, high ceilings, a garage and a backyard, the home was even more than they could have imagined. Each one of Kristine’s desired features was checked off the list. “I will never forget seeing the kids running around the house picking out their rooms,” Kristine said smiling.

Alex and Kristine now have enough space for the mountains of toys they have accumulated and their toddler has room to start testing out her walking skills. The whole family agrees that they found their “forever home” in Tessera.

When asked about the experience they had with Homewise selling their first home, Alex said that “selling our home through Homewise was effortless. The best part was knowing that our home was going to a well deserving Homewise client!” They felt it was more special this time around because in addition to changing their life, they were able to help change someone else’s life.

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