2016-2017 Davis New Mexico Scholarship

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The Davis New Mexico Scholarship is a $5 million per year initiative to provide college scholarships to first-generation and low-income students from Northern New Mexico. In the inaugural year, 2016, eighteen qualified students from Santa Fe and Albuquerque were awarded full Cost of Attendance scholarships to attend one of five Davis New Mexico partner colleges. Eventually, the program will grow to support 25 students in each class. For more information about the scholarship program, see: http://www.breakthroughsantafe.org/davis.

As part of the Davis New Mexico Scholarship program, only students who are enrolled in college access programs that are affiliated with the scholarship are eligible to apply. To increase the academic qualifications of scholarship recipients and the numbers of eligible applicants for the scholarship, the Davis New Mexico Scholarship is seeking new affiliates for the 2016-2017 school year.

Affiliates should meet at least two of the following guidelines:
-Serve exclusively first-generation and low-income students
-Pre-screen potential applicants by maintaining academic qualifications for entry into the affiliate
-Maintain regular contact with the parents and families of eligible students

This application is due to the Davis New Mexico Scholarship Administrator at 12:00pm Mountain Time on July15 , 2016. If affiliation applications are accepted, students enrolled in the affiliate will be eligible to apply for the 2017 Davis New Mexico Scholarship.

Additionally, for the 2017 school year, affiliate organizations are eligible to apply for up to $30,000 in funding to support the program above, which will be renewable in subsequent years. If you intend to apply for funding, please complete Part II of the attached affiliate application. Grants may be used for personnel compensation, as well as other expenses such as materials and transportation.

For further information or questions about the application process, contact:
Sam Ritter, Davis New Mexico Scholarship Administrator, sritter@sfprep.org, (505) 982-1829 x1248.

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